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In 2024, Portuguese creator Teresa Silva is the artist invited to be At Home at the EVC.

At Home is a space dedicated to dance artists who, throughout the year, are invited to develop their projects at the EVC and make them their creative home. After having been introduced to the work of Miguel Moreira, João dos Santos Martins, Jonas & Lander, Marlene Monteiro Freitas and Victor Hugo Pontes in previous years, in 2024 we welcome Teresa Silva, who will show us her work in all its facets and different formats.

Over the course of a year, various projects by her or in collaboration with others will be developed at the EVC.

Teresa Silva (Lisbon, 1988) has dedicated herself to research, creation and performing in the fields of contemporary dance and performance since 2008. She sees dance as something that goes beyond the physical body, resulting in a work of attentiveness and sensitivity, as well as a multidisciplinary approach to movement.

The artist will bring to the EVC a series of very different proposals, in collaboration with Sara Anjo, David Marques, Kristina Norman, Mathieu Bouvier and Loic Touzé, among others.

Oráculo expandido [“Expanded oracle”] - towards an investigation into practices of care, attention and connection Since 2017, Sara Anjo and Teresa Silva have been researching the potential of the body as a place of knowledge and revelation, and have designed workshops and created a piece based on the premise “can the body be an oracle?” There is a great diversity of people who share a curiosity for practices aimed at a holistic awareness of the body and Oráculo expandido is an invitation to continue this research, opening it up to other people and expanding the research to other languages, practices and perspectives.

Fazer falar o fazer [“Making the doing speak”] - tools for creating speech about artistic practices This project, conceived and developed by David Marques and Teresa Silva, arises from the desire to make the work of their generation more visible and to bring the community together around the issues that move and engage them in their artistic practices. In this sense, the artists will develop different tools to encourage thinking, speaking and listening, and provide encounters between artists and between the artists and the audience.

Carnation After collaborating on Orchidelirium - An appetite for Abundance, a project presented at the Venice Biennale (2022), Estonian visual artist Kristina Norman has partnered with Teresa Silva to conceive a new piece. This time, the artists use the red carnation as a symbol of power and freedom, seeking to bring into dialogue the culture and history of their respective countries.

Ah! - Experimental sessions for a transformative artistic practice In this project led by Teresa Silva, the artist aims to show how artistic practice generates states of attention, self-knowledge and transformation that intensify the human being’s potential. In these individual sessions, each person will be invited to look at what affects them in the present moment and, from there, work together on a sensitive and experimental path, intersecting the artistic and therapeutic fields.

To prepare the sessions, Teresa Silva draws on her research with Sara Anjo around the question "can the body be an oracle?" and finds inspiration in the work of artists such as Anna Halprin, Lygia Clark (Relational Objects), Alejandro Jodorowsky (Psychomagic) and Valentina Desideri (Fake Art Therapy), who have made and continue to make their artistic practice into places of affection, ritual and healing.

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