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Young Composers reaches its seventh edition with a program focused on the artistic areas of Composition, Writing and Choreography.


Week I
Composers & Musicians
8-13 JAN 2024

Week II
Composers & Writers
4-9 MAR 2024

Week III
Composers & Choreographers
6-11 MAR 2024

Now in its seventh edition, the Young Composers Program continues to promote a collaborative spirit and foster interactions between artists in creative processes, this time focusing on Music Composition, Writing and Choreography.

Throughout its existence, several composers, choreographers, writers, visual artists, directors, stage directors, instrumentalists, singers, dancers and actors/actresses have participated in the program. From here, many other collaborations have emerged between these artists, who, outside the context of the program, have started joint projects and consolidated their own professional careers.

Since the first edition of Young Composers, the program has developed a number of partnerships and collaborations with higher education institutions and groups of professionals at the start of their careers, including Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa, Escola Superior de Dança, Escola Superior de Artes e Design das Caldas da Rainha, Escola Superior de Música e Artes do Espetáculo do Porto, the Concrète [Lab] Ensemble and Ar.Co - Centro de Arte e Comunicação Visual.




Concrète [Lab] Ensemble, Escola Superior de Dança, Escola Superior de Música de Lisboa

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