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  • Estúdios Victor Córdon
  • 22 May 2023 — 26 May 2023

    19 June 2023 — 23 June 2023

  • Artist Residencies 2023
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Íla is an "umbrella" project being developed by the young dancer and creator Natacha Campos, who starts from personal experience to research intensively and exhaustively about the many and very diverse bodies that she doesn't know, and that have contexts, identities, and experiences distinct from those of her own body.

Stereotypes generated by obsolete ignorance are perpetuated and reproduced. But is there a common denominator? What is the "I" underneath all these constructions? Is there something underneath all these social colonizations? Or is the individual doomed to exist as an amalgam of pre-constructions? How many structures inhabit the body that I assume to be mine?

«The experience from which I start is personal, of a body and an identity in conflict among multiple pressures to be and to fight for a possibility of permanence, of an interiority in tune with an exteriority. Like in a visit to a Candomblé, like someone who dives into the mystery and magic of human existence and wants to go deeper, I start from the certainty of what I don't know. I don't know how a lot of bodies actually exist in a world that, for me, is a given fact. My world as a given fact is my experience: I grew up in Odivelas, I am of African descent, daughter of Angolan parents, I studied in a private school - my experience is limited. I want to research intensively and exhaustively the bodies that I don't know, that have contexts, identities, and experiences distinct from my own body.»

«In my dreamy imagination, I see the project as an ocean - full of curiosity and the need for reflection on these narratives - that expands into different channels that reach out to the various senses communicating: I will search together with others for the word that empowers those who want to make themselves heard; the images that open the lines, doors and windows in a horizon that tends to be closed; and the movement that touches the surrounding air, stirring it.»


Creation and performance | Natacha Campos
Sound design | Diogo Melo
Dramaturgy Support | Rui Catalão
Light design | João Chicó (to be confirmed)
External gaze and creative support | Joana Pinto
Support | Self-Mistake, Espaço do Tempo and Rua das Gaivotas 6
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