Coreografia para uma santificação

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  • Estúdios Victor Córdon
  • 19 December 2022 06 January 2023

  • Artist Residencies 2023
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New choreographic work by Melanie Ferreira.

Coreografia para uma santificação arises from mythological and biblical figures, such as Salome, Mary Magdalene, Helen of Troy. A work that questions the connection between the sacred and the profane, the body as a place of annunciation, miracle, sin, desire. Dance as a privileged space for ritual and the search for ecstasy. The sexual glow as revolutionary prayer, of resistance and search for everyday miracles. A ballet to approach the inexplicable, the transcendent. Thus, and in the words of Giorgio Agamben, this collaboration is intended to be a “work of salvation [that] coincides here point for point with the work of creation: the former undoes and decreates the latter at the very same moment it carries and accompanies it into being.” And the body, the performer, is asked for transcendence, “the created being, because it is lost, because it cannot but be lost (…) creation and salvation coincide in the unsavable”.

Artistic direction | Mélanie Ferreira and Tiago Vieira Choreography and Performance | Mélanie Ferreira Coaching | Tiago Vieira Scenography, sound, light and costumes | Tiago Vieira Video and Photography | Bruno Simão Production | Mélanie Ferreira and Self-mistake Support for artistic residencies | Latoaria (Lisbon), C.e.m. (Lisbon), Estúdios Vítor Cordon (Lisbon), Teatro Viriato (Viseu), TRUST Collective (Arganil) and Cisterna da Faculdade das Belas Artes (Lisbon) Support| Self-Mistake

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