Wording Dances ⏤ Ep. 3 with Deufert & Plischke

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  • 06 March 2024 03 April 2024

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In the third episode of the lecture series "Wording Dances", the artistwin deufert&plischke reads us "Grand Opening", an essay they have prepared to share with us.

Wording Dances presents a series of episodes, both in English and Portuguese, where renowned artists from the international contemporary dance scene discuss matters which make of dancing and choreographing an inexhaustible terrain of experimentation, problematization and thinking.

In a co-production between Estúdios Victor Córdon and Parasita Association, the project is curated by Carlos Manuel Oliveira.

In this new episode of “Wording Dances”, we welcome deufert&plischke, the Artistwin, to read to us from a text which they wrote exclusively for this occasion, entitled “Grand Opening”. Dr Kattrin Deufert and Thomas Plischke have formed the artistwin deufert&plischke in 2001, and in the last 22 years they have realised over 50 theatre projects that deal with artistic production situations and the complex social dynamics of artistic processes. They have created the Anarchiv series, the Emergence Rooms, the Entropic Institutes, the DURCHEINANDER series, and the dance history project Just in Time, to name a few of their many outputs. All series of works span thematically wide arcs from the origins of Greek mythology to the pressing questions of our time: How do we communicate in a community of strangers? How do we make decisions together? How do we take responsibility for ourselves and for others? Their works go beyond the boundaries of dance and theatre and deal with individual participation and the social everyday in artistic events.

The series is published in the following platforms: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Pocket Casts, Radio Public, Castbox Soundcloud and Amazon Music.

You can also access translated episodes (PT - EN) HERE.


Carlos Manuel Oliveira


Tom Maciel

Sound engineering and distribution

Nuno Cruz

Translation and subtitles

Margarida Bak Gordon

Design and video

Creative Minds


OPART | Estúdios Victor Córdon and Associação Parasita

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