Marta Cerqueira and Simão Costa

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  • EVC
  • 30 January 2023 03 February 2023

  • Artist Residencies 2023
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Marta Cerqueira and Simão Costa in residence at the EVC

Alongside their individual artistic paths, artists Marta Cerqueira and Simão Costa have worked as a duo since 2016. Marta Cerqueira is a dancer and choreographer and Simão Costa is a pianist and composer.

Their collection Dança de Materiais Inertes takes off from the body on stage, opening itself to the expanded field of dance and music in a transdisciplinary spectrum, and also unfolds in the form of an installation / exhibition. Thus, this collection of pieces (performances and/or installations) proposes a choreographic, kinetic and musical look at inert things. The pieces seek to explore and investigate the dimensions in which Sound is Movement and Movement is Sound.

The collection is made up of the following pieces: #1Vento, #2PlacasTetónicas, #3Movediço, #4Ar, #5Balancé, #6Propagação and #7Untitled.

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