INDOMADO ⏤ Marco Olival

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  • Estúdios Victor Córdon
  • 16 May 2023 26 May 2023

  • Artist Residencies 2023
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Starting from a personal introspection and recurring to the testimonies of young people in various artistic and social contexts, the work to be developed during the residency focuses on deepening an investigation on the limitations and contours of the processes of personal development at a young age.

We are in a hurry to become, and what I am screams here and now. It's time to put my dreams in my mouth, to run through all my detours, catapult myself. To become another place of myself. Frenetic, somewhat naive, a body hostage to crooked, hard-edged dreams. We are in a hurry to become, I want to hang on my daydreams and not be a mere someone, a sea of impositions, dogmas, and just the time that's left. My age is hollow, hollow what it brings me, and for knowing what I want, I long to witness the time to be. (from the diary of Marco Olival)_

Starting from the question "What is it to be young?" and the idea of "being in a hurry to become", Indomado is born out of the urge to want to do everything instantly and the confrontation with the dangerous inconstancy of expectations. Let's imagine a place where the struggle against time is constant, where dreams are catapults or traps, and where all decisions to be made are uncertain. A place where will and reality collide and the body and voice emancipate this clash.

Indomado is part of the 1st Edition of a program entitled IMPULSO, a project supported by Funchal City Council, committed to giving young artists the opportunity to develop their first projects at Teatro Municipal Baltazar Dias, and aiming to create a sense of identity, belonging and affinity among young public.

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