ECO.ntro #3 ⏤ Piny

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  • 3h
  • Estúdios Victor Córdon
  • 23 September 2023 (10 am)

  • Season Partners
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EVC are hosting the third meeting of the ECOSYSTEM.dances.bodies project, with Ordem do O as a Season Partner. On September 23rd, in the morning, we will host a practice with Piny, entitled "DANCE[s] in intersectional, sensitive and political accumulation".

ECOSYSTEM.dances.bodies is a project by Ordem do O in co-production with EVC, in the context of the Season Partners program.

Let's take dances. But which dances, we ask? Let's take bodies. But which bodies, we ask? Let's take multiplicity.

This session invites everyone who has the space to share and listen. Bodies that emit and absorb in care, yet with places of friction. Bodies that understand spaces for sharing as spaces for caring for themselves and for the collective. However, there is no room for discrimination of any kind. It's about dance, but it's up to each person to discover how it's done. I believe that understanding the reason for the form can be an enormous asset for understanding the dances that engage me/us.

Understanding not only through knowledge, but also through feeling - the two together. Pressure and oppression generate bodies. Freedom and pleasure generate other kinds of bodies. Struggles and protests have a specific weight. Celebration and festivities have a different weight. We carry our ancestry when we absorb other ancestries, and fully-filled bodies are immense movements.


ECO.ntro #3

"DANCE[s] in intersectional, sensitive and political accumulation", with Piny
23 SEP, 2023
10am ⏤ 1pm
Estúdios Victor Córdon
Free admission upon prior registration
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