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  • 06 July 2024 06 August 2024

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The third series of "A Collection for Tomorrow" continues, this time with Mónica Anapaz.
Now in its third edition, the series A Collection for Tomorrow - Atlantic Axis features conversations with artists from Angola, Cape Verde and São Tomé e Príncipe. After António Tavares, Bibiana Figueiredo, Luciény Kaabral & Nuno Barreto, Mano Preto, and Aneth Silva & Miguel Carlos, it's time for Cristina Peres to interview the angolan dance artist Mónica Anapaz.

Mónica Anapaz

Mónica Anapaz is "@dansaddicted" on Instagram. That shows how much dance occupies the life of this Angolan born in Luanda, where she studied before enrolling at Lisbon School of Music. She did professional internships and performed outside Angola, deepening her knowledge with various choreographers. She began choreographing in 1993, in 1996 she joined the Contemporary Dance Company of Angola as a dancer and dance composition teacher, and, three years later, she co-founded and directed the contemporary dance company Dançarte. She also taught at and directed the ZAP (TV station) Dance Company. In 2010, in Burkina Faso, she took part as a dancer in a performance by Irène Tassembédo's EDIT company.

You can watch the Collection's sixth talk here, with English subtitles.


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