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  • 01 January 2024 31 December 2024

  • The world is the home of the body.
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EVC launch their first season as an autonomous platform and celebrate artistic transversality with an intense program that brings the unmissable Akram Khan to Portugal and features a new creation by Clara Andermatt.

The world is the home of the body.

The body as a matter of common heritage. A body that listens and acts; a place of dance, from this and other worlds.
As Estúdios Victor Córdon enter a new cycle, we are firmly committed to continuing to support the independent artistic community, with a primary focus on dance. We also reiterate our dedication to promoting initiatives that help young artists start their careers, that intensify the circulation of artists from and within the Portuguese-speaking African countries, that provide a space where immigrant communities and their descendants living in Portugal can be represented, and that, in general, are an example of the increased democratic access to cultural institutions. When fundamental values are reversed, it is essential to multiply actions that directly impact on the lives of the people affected by this reversal, while it is true that many different approaches are needed to respond to the reality of our times.
The 2024 Season aims to reflect the state of a world in (dis)aggregation, about which we urgently need to think and on which we must act. As Portugal celebrates half a century of liberty and democracy, we need to reaffirm universal humanist values, because a transformation in the political context won't change the fact that such work has to be carried out. Establishing these values always involves a constant effort, starting at the core of one's individual life. Our time must be a time of continuous action to counter oblivion, which remains an eternal enemy of civilizations, and to respect and recognize the dignity of every person.
The voices and needs of creators and performers. The recording and transmission of these voices, coming from many different places in the world. Thinking about artistic creation and its impact on social reality. The routes of the Portuguese language as spaces for meeting, sharing and establishing networks where artists can travel, proposing to bring North and South closer together. Migrant communities living in Portugal and the role of artistic creation in the process of drawing different cultures together. Communities of African descent and their presence in cultural institutions and society in general. To support artists, festivals and educational institutions, as well as to give assistance to young performers and creators who are starting their careers. These are the main lines guiding the nearly twenty programs we are proposing for 2024.
We launch this season knowing that the path can shape our intentions, making them more suited to the needs of those who can benefit from it, and while it is true that not all projects will reach the point where we initially imagined them, when driven by a creative and conciliatory spirit they will certainly bring about change.
This is where we propose to meet. In a home of the world.
Rui Lopes Graça
JAN 2024
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