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Program that facilitates the co-production and collaboration in projects of independent artistic production structures that complement the EVC's action.

New program that aims to support independent artistic production structures, for one or more seasons, in the development of projects that complement the action of the EVC. The support is given through co-production or collaboration in programs proposed by these structures, whose themes and objectives meet the interests and needs of our community.

With a focus on the promotion of knowledge, Season Partners is thus expanding the space dedicated to artistic practices and research of the artistic community, fostering the sharing of responsibility in action and encouraging cooperation.


_Wording Dances _

A series of lectures presented in podcast format, in which distinguished artists from around the world talk about issues that make contemporary dance and its various manifestations an endless ground for questioning and creation. Curated by Carlos Manuel Oliveira.

Ordem do Ó

ECOSYSTEM.dances.bodies Cycle of conversations, masterclasses, lectures and workshops

Program that proposes alternative ways of sharing in a stimulating context, where artists and public meet. Curated by Cláudia Galhós and mediated by Natacha Campos.

Margarida Bettencourt + Piny (masterclass) + a.ves liberta Liliana Garcia + Joana Providência (masterclass) + Joãozinho da Costa Beatriz Marques Dias (masterclass / workshop / creation of handmade books, from the talks' notebooks) + Madalena Victorino + Josefa Pereira Xana Novais + Joana Castro (masterclass) + Olga Roriz


Workshops and training

In the context of the new EVC program entitled Season Partners, a partnership with the portal for the dissemination of performing arts Coffeepaste will be launched. In this regard, Coffeepaste will propose a cycle of events dedicated to dance practices to take place in our space. This cycle will include workshops and other modalities of sharing artistic research in this area.


Coffeepaste, Parasita, Ordem do Ó

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